Ein's Sword

A familiar game system with field battles as the key element.
The game design allows the player to gain an advantage as he or she progresses through the stages.

The game is set in the "Lost Tower" with its own dungeons and unique characters.

First 3D action game by Infinite Game


Sword collector that travels the world. Looking for the legendary sword.

The Age of the Reign of the Sword Sage.In a world where the sword is the only sign of power, everyone was eager to obtain it.

In the meantime, Ein hears a rumor of a legendary sword.

The Lost Tower is said to reach to the sky. On the top of it, there is a sword that can make any wish come true.

Ein immediately headed for the Lost Tower. The rumors continued. No one who entered the Lost Tower ever returned.

Will Ein be able to obtain the legendary sword?


Ein's Sword

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